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"One Man Music Machine"

What’s up world you can call me NevaEver. The first thing most people want to know is why I spell my name that way and what it means. First off, it’s like a word jumble of my real name Everett Evans. If you move the letters around, you’ll see what I mean. NevaEver is also like my personal motto meaning that failure is not an option not just in music but in life.


I started making beats at the age of 15.  My studio back then consisted of a Dr. Rhythm 650 drum machine and a DJ X keyboard. I spent hours in my front room working on my beats. When I was coming up it was important for your music to sound unique and authentic. The more I worked the more I fell in love with music. It became my passion as well as a therapeutic release. Whenever I create music, I like to give the people something to bop to but as put a message as well.


I consider myself as a student of the game. I am always watching and taking notes on how things are changing and evolving. As an artist versatility creates longevity. When you love what you do work doesn’t feel like a job.